Join If You Hate Breast Cancer …

How many when receiving an invitation to an event on Facebook automatically just click ”not attending”  BEFORE you have taken a few seconds out of your busy social net working play time to actually read what the event is about?

Whenever i sign into Facebook i notice most my friends have clicked on silly and to me are very offensive subjects like, ”click ‘like’ if hate ginger people, click ‘like’ if hate chavs, or ‘No my status wasn’t aimed at you’, or click ‘like’ if enjoying getting f***ked by best friends boyfriend’. The list goes on and on.

So when I sent out an event invitation it was obvious many hadn’t taken the time to actually read what the event was about and what I had put, instead they clicked ”NOT ATTENDING”  I wasn’t inviting them to join me as I climbed mountain Marilyns which is one of two tallest mountains in England and at least 150 m in height, nor was I inviting my friends to join me to break the record to see how many Jaffa Cakes we can eat each in 60 seconds (actually this sounds fun but this record is presently held by Gustav Schulz in Essex who can eat eight Jaffa Cakes in a minute).

So what was my invitation … ”Join If You Hate Breast Cancer”.  As I’m taking part in my 6th Race For Life in June 2011. My invitation wasn’t asking them to actually join me as my feet complete 5k (3 and half miles) just to simply support their friend and join as I update them on the kind folk who sponsor me.

But I guess its more fun and interesting to be negative towards a mad violent and already offensive world we already live in to say you HATE something or someone than actually click you support or like something.

So if you would like to support me (not join me) then please either join my Race For Life Paulette Sedgwick page on Facebook or join my event that nobody wants to join as it’s obviously not violent or offensive, Join If You Hate Breast Cancer on Facebook.

But please, DON’T complain about the amount of violence in the world if as soon as your on Facebook your clicking on one of the thousands offensive and silly links asking you to click  if you ‘LIKE’ or ‘HATE’ gingers, blacks, chavs, blondes, men, aliens, fate people, women, and so on.

A very good friend did said: ”Due to recent massive increase in “junk” mail I am very wary about what I “click” on at FB as it is well known that companies and scammers visit here and “fish” for people with certain likes etc so please do not feel offended, I support what you do”.

Another friend wanted to know if was still okay to join if doesn’t live in England and said:

”Is this acceptable for out of country people? I really like what you are doing for instance- I have had breast cancer- but it seemed hypocritical if not sponsoring you to click on Like

Most of us have lost a loved one to Cancer so show your support as thousands of women up and down the country, take part in this years RACE FOR LIFE 2011. Every penny in sponsor money  goes to cancer research for breast cancer.  To find out more click on link –  Thankyou


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