Domestic Violence

It is there when I shut my eye’s
Often when there open
The sickening burned on after image
Of a human form destroyed.
Sometimes beaten, bruised, and blackened
In hindsight of the wounds
Forgiveness my mind won’t creat
Redemption will not be his.
Often wounds are fresh
Muscle’s pumping
Sculpting the next
Lying still and lifeless I leave him.

When my work is done
Only one purpose is mine
Only one goal
An existence to eradicate a life that can’t be lived
I lock myself in as I sit and I conjure myself
Imprisonment necessary
I don’t venture out – I no longer sleep
Inside this room, my world is mine.
Objective, always clear
Make him pay for what he’s done
Whatever accomplished
He rises once more
Provides a never-ending task
Obliterate again
And again and again.
It doesn’t work in the real world
My purpose goes unrecognised
The evil is protected there
They don,t understand what he is
That he’s done.


By Paulette F Sedgwick
All rights reserved ©

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Angela
    Apr 13, 2011 @ 13:44:55

    Great imagery
    But for someone who’s never been through it my thoughts and prayers go out to all those women who’ve suffered.


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