My Best Friend – My Hero – My Dad Miss You Every Second of The Day

Patrick Sedgwick with his daughter Paulette

Me with my dad

I still can’t believe my dad has passed away, I will never see him ever again or hear his corny jokes see his face or hear his voice ever again. EVER is only four letters but a long word that attacks the heart.

Dad was Ex Ary and Ex Police was a fit man, healthy man. But after having an operation in 2013 that went wrong at Blackburn Hospital in Lancashire then told him sorry we have to do it again as didn’t go quite to plan my dad was never the same again. I hate that hospital.

December 2012 my Grandad was rushed to hospital with chest infection, he was 85 and died within 2 weeks at The Manor Hospital in Walsall. After his death we found out he had cancer from working with asbestos many years earlier.

Whilst all this was going on my dad developed back pains, a DR was called out on Christmas Day who presumed was side effects from the bodged hernia operation sent him in to check him out to be told ”I’m sorry but you have Prostate Cancer. …. All this happened December 2012.

Patrick Sedgwick - 16.09.13

Patrick Sedgwick – 16.09.13

Dad was only 64 when he passed away with his family at home on September 16th at 12-17 2013.

Right now I feel so lost without him. He and I had a great relationship and I know that he knew I loved him so much. But this doesn’t give much comfort right now. I just can’t believe he won’t be around when i pass my Diploma in nursing, hear about my daily events, share celebrations any more or be at the end of a mobile when I text him daily – will even miss his blank texts to me (he never did find out how to text so just sent blank texts). Or for when I want a chat – People say it gets easier and this is one of the hardest parts…but doesn’t seem like it. I hope the pain doesn’t last forever- But at least those good memories I have of him – THOSE last!

Dads funeral will be Friday October 11th 2013 …

Dad attended Pendleside Hospice, the staff and nurses were amazing, took him on day trips and were with him towards the end at his home. He got on really well with them and so because of this and that my mom only wants family flowers I have set up a Just Giving page in his memory every donation penny goes towards pendleside so they can carry on with their great  work with others suffering with cancer.

Thank you
 For always understanding, listening , caring, and loving me, for the rest of your life...
 The greatest gift God gave me was YOU…….. My Father

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