We’re Successfully Being Fully Human …

10557447_10152529941904710_4657554959418133760_nThe older I get, the more convinced the pictures in our minds of how things are “supposed to be” are planted there by folks who are selling us crap.

Sometimes I wonder if much of our economy is based on the imperative that women remain feeling “less than.” Because what would happen if women stopped buying into the suggestion that we could find more worth, deeper meaning and happiness inside the next house, next car, next haircut, next diet, or next dining room table? Does insecurity actually make the world go ‘round? What if all that “supposed to be”  – brilliantly designed to encourage us to spend our lives frantically buying more stuff?

What if life is just supposed to be hard? What if relationships are supposed to be messy and our big, existential questions are supposed to be left unanswered? What if houses and bodies are really just for living in and not for perfecting? And what if, as human beings- we’re just SUPPOSED to be sad and angry and confused and lost and lonely sometimes?

What if those feelings don’t mean we need a makeover- what if they just mean we’re successfully being fully human?


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