What would you do to help your wheelchair-bound, 4 year old daughter to walk? #SevernSwim

On September 23rd 2015, Kev Brady from Gloucester, will attempt to be the first person in history to swim the longest river in the UK, the River Severn, from its source in Mid Wales, 220 miles to Severn beach. That’s the equivalent of 10 English Channel swims or over 14,000 lengths of a 25m pool. He hopes to complete this challenge within 3 weeks.
The problems he faces are dangerous and many: hypothermic temperature water, fast currents, sharp debris, treacherous undercurrents, parasites, pollution and large boat traffic not to mention the physical toil of swimming over 10 miles per day.
All money raised will go to Superhero Foundation, a charity that Kev co-founded to assist families in need to access otherwise inaccessible treatments for mental or physical illness. There last successful ‘Superhero’ was a father that climbed the local hill in Gloucester 75 times – the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest – to raise money for an operation in the US to help his wheelchair-bound, 4 year old daughter to walk. 
Kev had the following to say,
“In the last year, I’ve supported and continue to support numerous families to fundraise for their children in need. Their parents have undertaken some extraordinary physical challenges and really pushed their limits, it’s been inspiring to witness. However, there are so many families across the UK that need our support as a charity, but we just don’t have the funds to help or take on other families. I’ll be asking for donations throughout this swim and I hope to get as much support as possible.
I’m very excited to see who I’ll meet and what I’ll see along the journey – but I’m also completely petrified of what could possibly happen. I’m not physically ready and I’m not sure if I am mentally either, there’s only one way to find out. I know with my face in the cold, dark water for multiple hours per day, I’m going to mentally go to some very dark places. It’s the support I receive when my face is out of the water that will keep me going.”
Even when his adventure is over, please dig deep and keep giving to this amazing charity, the founder has a huge Heart of Gold
Follow the journey here using the hashtag #SevernSwim:
on Twitter @KevBrady8
Kev Brady - co-founder of the charity Superhero Foundation

Kev Brady – co-founder of the charity Superhero Foundation


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