Being Bullied With Words Ends Lives #suicide

“Being Bullied With Words” brings up the hypocrisy of bullies who are responsible for their victim’s suicide but attend their funeral and act like they had nothing to do with it. “Being Bullied With Words” works well to delineate a bullying situation from several revealing perspectives.

Sometimes we say things we don’t mean
Thoughts should be kept inside, never to be seen
Then others join in to be part of ‘The Team’
Use nasty words that are meant to demean
Scared to speak for fear of ridicule
How can others be so cruel!

”Your incapable of doing anything right”
Feeling a failure before even begin
Until one day the victim they may crack
Those poisoned words can’t be taken back
Till one day they can’t take any more
And found lifeless on the cold bathroom floor.

So think before another word you say
Because the builled may not be able to face another day



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