Ice Cold Chef launches his first book #CookerySOS In aid of #Charity

John Joyce is a man who had never cooked before his wife was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and now appears in newspapers, presented a cookery segment at a national conference, and has his first cookery cook out which contains some mouth watering dishes as well as some from his many friends and chefs.

This book raises funds and awareness of MS – the condition that led John to having to learn in the first place after his wife was diagnosed with the condition. John now supports young carers in learning to cook as well as raising awareness of the condition and the needs that transpire with both the NHS and Parliament.

John said:

“Eight years ago my wife Bev was diagnosed with secondary progressive MS. From that day our lives changed, I became known as a ‘Carer’. I don’t like the word carer and never will, the word sounds so negative. Acceptance of our new situation took numerous months. We started to rebuild our lives and duties at home.

I asked Bev to teach me to cook, I needed to learn, and fast. It took countless days, but Bev kept supporting me. Soon I was cooking on my own and my alter ego the #icecoldchef was born and won a following on social media.

The kitchen is my haven, where I switch off from my working day. Accepting a health condition can be tough for both partners, you may be travelling along quite happily and, out of the blue, hit a low spot. This when I dig deep mentally, look back and picture how far we have come each day at a time. It lifts the spirits and gives you the strength to continue”

Sample recipes include healthy breakfasts, great lunches and more that can be prepared in advance or quickly and focus on great nutrition without losing out on great taste.  All the recipes are also focused on a family budget and use easily accessible ingredients and store cupboard essentials.

You can purchase a copy of the book from Kissed Off £15.00 – You can also follow The Ice Cold Chef on Facebook

John added:

“I launched the book on social media, and now people around the world are following Ice Cold Chef. For me it was a case of having heard Bev’s news we could sit in our chairs and wallow over it, or we could make some changes and learn from it. I hope I can inspire other people to adapt to this condition.

“This book is just a way of letting people know they are not alone, and they just need to take each day as it comes. We are very proud of ourselves. Bev inspired me to do this and we were both very determined to make this change.”

”The idea came for the book in my own kitchen, I knew countless carers were struggling to get a basic fresh meal. Thanks to Nat & Ian from KissedOff my publishers who took on my work. We now have books still to sell and this week I have just returned from the House of Commons after talking to numerous MP’s and high level NHS Teams.
The book is for Charity and it’s already helping many now.  2016 also sees another 2 Cookerysos books coming up, again with the same ethos.

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