Muslims are not offended by poppies – regardless what the Media say

12049513_1670062829872318_7390806266052287245_nA man has written a Facebook post explaining why  “no one is offended by poppies” in response to claims by far-right groups that Muslims “hate” poppies.

Jez Hunt, who lives in the north of England, wrote the post in response to comments by groups in advance of Armistice Day on 11 November.

His post was shared thousands of times online and was featured on Buzzfeed. Its popularity seems to have surprised Mr Hunt, who told Buzzfeed:

“These far-right groups pump these lies out every year, as a scaremongering way of trying to sew dissent, and people then start to believe it’s true.

“Luckily it seems that people are more awake to this lie, as the post went mad!”

The poppy, worn each year by millions of people, including Muslims, was adopted as a symbol of remembrance after the First World War.


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