Knitted Knockers – Made with love and filled with hope #charity

Knitted Knockers UK has been kept busy since claiming the People’s Choice Epic Award in May. The group of volunteers makes cotton, artificial breasts for women who have had mastectomies, and the number of knitters and those asking for help increased hugely since their win was featured on Get Creative and BBC Breakfast.

Although the name might bring a smile to your face, there is a serious message behind what they do. They are making a difference to women who have had to have a mastectomy, giving them the confidence to wear a V-neck dress again or a swimming costume after surgery.

As nominations open for next year’s Epic Awards, Get Creative caught up with the group to find out what difference their award has made to them.

Staight after winning the Epic Award the charity recieved 2,500 offers to knit, it even had to stop applications for a while so it could catch up.

The applications take some time to get through because every knitter or crocheter is interviewed to make sure their knitting is up to standard and that they understand the process.

Not only have they seen an increase in offers to knit knockers, they have seen demand for the knockers go up too. Last year they had 800 orders, which can either be a single or a pair, and this year they’ve had almost 2,000 requests.

The aqua knocker is a knitted knocker designed especially for use in water-based activities. A group of ladies tested them whilst doing various water sports, from swimming and paddle boat racing to simply relaxing in the bath. These knockers are stuffed with shower scrunchies so they don’t hold water and dry quickly after use.

But it’s not just the knitted knockers that volunteers help make. There are teams of knitting groups making mini knocker keyrings; perfect miniatures of the large ones, which have become their biggest fundraising item. All money raised by the charity goes straight back into materials and means it can supply the yarn and cover the cost of postage for the knitters.

Interested in becoming a knocker knitter?


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