We’re Begging You: Stop Taking #Selfies With Wild Animals

There is nothing inherently bad about a selfie. There’s nothing, even, inherently bad about a selfie stick. But like everything on God’s Green Earth, there is a time and a place. When circumstances are such that selfie-taking involves putting an animal at risk? Don’t do it. It sounds like common sense, but you know what? People are doing it. It’s making me ashamed to call myself a Human being right now – why? Because I’m sadly reading more and more headline’s how heartless humans are taking selfie photos to share on social media sites, and as a result of there heartless actions the helpless animal then dies, in pain.  I am disgusted by the human race , we just don’t know how to behave anymore, this actually depresses me.

Swan killed by tourist who dragged it out of Macedonian lake to take a selfie

This comes weeks after tourists pulled a dolphin from the sea in Argentina to take photos with it. The rare La Plata dolphin, also known as the Franciscana dolphin, died after it was paraded around a beach by holidaymakers.  Not only does this make me incredibly sad but I am so angry. It’s one thing to take it from the ocean but to leave it there on the beach to die is disgusting.  They could have easily have taken it out to sea so it could swim away.   What a horrible world we live in.

At the Yunnan Animal Park in China, two peacocks died after tourists picked them up to get a few photos. Earlier in the month, a video surfaced of a man pulling a shark out of the ocean and taking photos. (The shark was returned to the water.) In Costa Rica last year tourists totally messed up the breeding patterns of sea turtles while trying to take photos. The list goes on. This transcends being a terrible tourist. This is being a terrible living being on planet earth.

First a dolphin, then a shark, then a peacock and now a swan. When will this end? The stupidity of some people, is beyond belief.

When circumstances are such that selfie-taking involves putting an animal at risk? Don’t do it – or are you really that stupid?  Is putting an animals life at risk no longer important to you?

Take only memories of your holiday, leave only footsteps.  Oh, and you don’t need a picture of your face to have a memory with a distressed wild animal.








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