Men! Its #fumblefriday Save a life – Play with your balls


British men are dangerously ignorant of the prostate gland, according to a men’s health charity. It is crucial for sex as it helps produce semen and is involved in ejaculation. But it is also the leading cause of cancer in men, with 40,000 diagnosed each year, Prostate Cancer UK says.

A survey by the charity showed nearly one in five men did not even know they had a prostate and men were “blind” to the risk of cancer. The gland, which is about the size of a walnut, sits below the bladder and in front of the rectum.

It produces the fluid that nourishes sperm.

The survey of 1,900 men found:

92% were clueless about the gland’s role
54% did not know where it was
17% did not know they had a prostate

Prostate Cancer UK chief executive Angela Culhane, told the BBC News website:

“Men are very ignorant about prostate cancer and it’s dangerous because it is actually the most common cancer in men.

“The things it does affect – ejaculation and sexual function, urine flow and incontinence – are not regularly talked about over the dinner table or in the pub.”

Men should check their testicles once a month, ‘preferably after a shower to relax the skin surrounding them’, says Phil Morris, a former soldier and a testicular cancer survivor who set up the website

Did you know – Nearly 11,000 men die from prostate cancer each year.  So save your life and check!

Former England and Newcastle United footballer Les Ferdinand, who saw his grandfather suffer with the disease at the end of his life, said:

“I’m not surprised so many men don’t know what their prostate does – it’s an easy gland to ignore.

“In fact, until prostate cancer affected my family, my knowledge of the prostate was pretty slim. Don’t ignore the statistics and don’t ignore your risk. Join the fight to beat the disease.”



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