1st Amputee @disco2man to ever run the #RunTheGreatWallOfChina for #charity

On May 1st it will be the first time Mark has run in 18 years, he will also become the 1st Amputee to ever run the Great Wall of China Marathon worldwide! A first for ParaSport!

The Great Wall of China Marathon is 26.2 miles long and has more than 20,000 + steps along its length and is known as one of the toughest marathons worldwide because it is by no means a flat fast course.

mark wall of chinaMark Pattenden says:

I’m doing it to raise £5000.00 or more to equip amputees with a limb that are suitable for sport. This being the first challenge of many to come and will include Running, Kayaking Walking, Handbiking and the list goes on.

I want to also show that life after amputation is possible. I am 53 years old and having lost my lower left leg some 18 years ago I have always wanted to get back into sport. Now after all this time and the kind support of many people I am able to do this.

LimbPower support amputees through rehabilitation using sport as one of the main themes in which to do this. It helps all ages, but I believe the younger generation are our future Paralympians and need not only encouragement to lead a healthy and sports life style but also limbs which will enable them and encourage them to be active and to undertake adventures which they never thought possible.

Please support by donating and sharing through your FaceBook and Twitter friends. Make a difference to someone’s life because Mark know’s from personal experience it really does change your life for ever.

Click to donate – Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the charity.


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