Make someone feel special for #charity

FBS Business ServicesPeople feel special when they receive a personal handwritten message, rather than an E-mail or computerised font made to look like handwriting. They know that time and effort has gone into writing it, just for them.

FBS Business Services write every letter or card by hand. No computerised fonts, just genuine handwriting. It couldn’t be simpler:

Just E-mail your message and a list of your recipients address details. Also include who it’s from.
Your message will be handwritten to them.
They will hand-address a matching envelope with First Class postage stamp

FBS Business Services will post your letter directly to the recipients on your behalf, then E-mail you a notification to confirm it has been posted

That’s it! You’ve sent an authentic handwritten letter without putting pen to paper.

Plus every order you place, they will donate 10p to Macmillan Cancer.

For more details you can contact FBS Business Services by E-mail –

Please note: UK Addresses ONLY


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