Julia @MissJB07 trekking half way across Dartmoor in aid of @UK_COPS #charity

JuliaJulia has a big heart of gold and an advisor on the board of SODA survivors of domestic abuse. Her own story has been used by three police forces for their domestic violence campaigns including Metropolitan police , West Midlands police and Thibodaux police in the USA twice.

Julia hacs Ménière’s disease, this is as a direct result of domestic violence.

Julia said:

I have Ménière’s disease for this of you that don’t know what this is , it’s vertigo ( room spinning ) tinnitus ( ear ringing ) and migraine all at once , attacks can last up to 72 hours at least 8 hours are debilitating to the point of laying on the floor out of it waiting for the attack to stop.

Mine was caused by too many blows to my head as a result of my childhood and my violent marriage I have some slight damage to my frontal lobe and it has damaged my ear drums being constantly hit around the head. Menieres can be caused by many things the most prominent for me would be constant blows to the head the formal NHS version is.

The exact cause of Ménière’s disease is not yet known, although it is thought to be caused by a problem with the pressure in the inner ear.

Julia started at the bottom in army kitchens as a kitchen porter eventually having her own kitchen as a supervisor. Even silver served high ranking officers and royalty. After dramatically changing jobs and turning her life and completely leaving a very abusive marriage of 17 years she became a DDO and Special Constable.

Julia is an inspirational lady, raised about 825 pounds for cancer research 600 pounds for refuge charity and is  currently raising money for SODA survivors of domestic abuse

COPS is dedicated to helping surviving families rebuild their lives after the death of a police officer on duty. It aims to provide the survivors with all the help they need to cope with such a tragedy whilst remaining part of the police family.

Julia added:

Next time you look at someone don’t judge them by looks I look fit I have muscles I run all these marathons but underneath my outward appearance I have a potentially debilitating illness .

Click to donate to Julia’s charity event – 30 miles for Care of Police Survivors


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