Become part of the future of @HartleburyCPT Sponsor a flagstone #charity

Join the people who are helping preserve Hartlebury Castle for future generations.

flagstone-steve-4-300x300There are over 300 flagstones in the Great Hall. 200 people have already claimed their flagstone. See your name or that of a loved one recorded for posterity.

Bookbinder, Rodney Hobbs has made a beautiful book in which there expert Calligrapher will write the name(s). Once complete the book will be on permanent display in the Castle.

You will be able to visit and see your name, or the names of your loved one(s), children or grandchildren. The names will be there for years to come as a record of your generosity to Hartlebury Castle.

A donation of £5 or more will secure your flagstone. If you would like to donate please telephone the Castle on 01299 250416.

When building work on the Castle is complete in 2017 you will be invited including everyone who has sponsored a stone to join for a picnic in the Carriage Circle. Afterwards you will have a celebratory photo taken of everyone standing on their flagstone in the Great Hall.

Want to know more? See their short video on YouTube.


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