Life is like a book ….Every day is a page

tumblr_o6xw20fJil1u50j3ro1_500Your life is a book
Your years are chapters
Your days are pages
Every day is a page.

Every thing that happens is just a word to make your book more detailed and interesting. People in books even go through hard times. They don’t know the outcome. They feel like it’s gonna last forever. But somehow it always works out. That’s how your life is.

It’s never gonna be a smooth ride with sunshine and giggles.
It will bring you down.
Like a heart beat. Up and down. Really high up. Really down low. If it was all even you’d be dead. You really don’t want to be dead NOW when you’re only starting to blossom into a new chapter.

It’s not going to be easy.
It never will be.
But it will get better eventually.
Not in a day or a year or a month.
Let time work.

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