#RT @DannoReynolds to run #tcsnycmarathon in aid of @PCHughesMEM #charity

Greater Mancester Police Officer Nicola Hughes who was killed by Dale Cregan.

Greater Mancester Police Officer Nicola Hughes who was killed by Dale Cregan.

In Manchester September 2012 two unarmed Police Officers where shot following a routine burglary call.

After this terrible event, Bryn Hughes, the father of PC Nicola Hughes, one of the victims of the shooting set up a charity in her name to support victims of violent crime.

The aims of the charity, the PC Nicola Hughes Memorial Fund, are to provide learning opportunities and pre employment skills in the form of support through grants or services to children (under 21) who have suffered a tragic loss of a close family member through a violent crime such as murder or manslaughter.

Talking about the charity – Bryn says

“We have seen first hand the devastating effect this has on people and how we as adults cope in the aftermath, is different to how children cope. We would like to help them to try and rebuild their lives and look towards the future. To be able to stand on their own feet by continuing with education, where financial situations may have changed, or start that course which will enable them to gain employment”.

PS Dan Reynolds will is fundraising for this amazing charity said:

I personally felt deeply moved by what happened so I started to support the charity and now work hard to support Bryn in any way that I can. One of the things I can do is run, and the challenge of running to remember appeals to me for the physical challenge and also to give time to reflect on those that we would give everything up for in a heart beat – to have back and running beside us.

100% of all donations received go directly to help other people and you donation will really make a difference.  So if you think the cost of a can of cola is something you can spare then please support me using the links available. Thank you!

You can donate by texting REYN65 £amount to 70070

Click to donate – DannoReynolds – Nicola Hughes Memorial Fund support page


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