Dear Daddy … ❤️

❤️ September 16th – 12.17 ❤️

Dear Daddy,

The pain will never go away. Today is 3 years since you were went. Folk said, that over time I would cry less, the pain wouldn’t hurt as much – But there all wrong. I never knew that being fatherless would make me feel so aimless, worthless, powerless, heartless and helpless.

I have stopped looking at the sky in the night, because destiny has taken away my life’s brightest star…. I smile when a white feather floats down near me. The day I lost you, I lost a father, a friend, a real hero with a big heart of gold and an idol who I looked up to.

We may have been living miles apart but somehow it always felt that you were always there. Maybe because ever since you held my tiny fingers, you showered me with nothing but love and care.

I miss your blank texts, your funny advice, Daddy talks, knowing and thinking you would always be here when I needed you. Crazy how we all take life for granted, presuming too much. Daddy, you taught me to be strong but sorry I’m letting you down … I can never be strong enough to accept that you are no longer here.

Your life has ended, but your legacy of wisdom, integrity and courage will go on forever. My loss is Heaven’s gain. I miss you Daddy – x




❤️ Love you forever,
Pop xxx




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