Journey Of An Ultra Runner from couch to continent in Sandales In aid of @TheStrokeAssoc #charity

We spend our lives chasing things that we think we want and it’s only when they are removed that we truly appreciate what is important.”

I thought a crazy guy! who in their right mind would run the entire length of Europe in just sandales. But crazy in mind Aleks is not, a little eccentric, extraordinary maybe and a very remarkable interesting guy.

2 years ago Aleks developed an idea of using his Summer holidays to run the length of the UK, and over those 2 years, the idea kept returning.  Now he’s planning on completing the journey barefooted (or as barefooted as he can!) There will be no shoes, only an emergency pair of Luna Sandals and 1206 miles of the UK’s fine countryside and footpaths.

This is all to raise awareness of strokes and also to raise the ludicrous amount of £10,000 for the Stroke Association, so they can continue to improve the lives of those who are effected by stroke and to fund research into preventing and treating strokes.

”Legs scream at me with fatigue.  I start the usual moans.  They are followed by the statement ‘no you’re not.  Your legs still move.  Stop talking nonsense and move more’

Aleks says:

It’s the small acts of kindness, unexpected, unasked for and given open handedly that really blow me away. I feel like I’ve spent my life and neglected this aspect of living. It seems it’s all been about gaining things, hence my current financial situation, and that by giving away my belongings and choosing the have less do more mentality, I’m beginning to experience more of the kinder side of human nature.

It reminds me of a speech give by Charlie Chaplin in a film. A film I can’t remember the name of but words that move…

Our knowledge has made us cynical; our cleverness, hard and unkind. We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery we need humanity. More than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost.’

With each passing day, these words make more sense. In fact, other sayings make more sense to Aleks. Instead of liking the sentiment, feeling like the words relate to him, He find’s a deeper understanding of what the words portrait.

As you read his adventure, you can Click and Donate Buy Aleks a Coffee for £2.00

“There is no point in doing something if you already know it is possible”

Andi Harlow said:

This is an old friend of mine who has almost accomplished something that none, or at least very few have! And that’s to run alone, unsupported and in sandals!! The entire length of Europe!! All in the name of charities which he holds dear to himself! Sadly the coverage as far as I’ve seen has been very little in the UK yet people also get so much more for doing so much less, Of course it doesn’t matter what you do because it all makes a difference to somebody, But I do believe something of this magnitude deserves a huge response!


With so many words and amazing pictures, Aleks managed to fill the space he had on his first blog and since he’s traveled with little money and no income, has now setup a new blog to complete the story of running Europe from North to South.

 Click Read and follow Aleks Blog


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