Make Teddybears with your odd socks

To get started you will need:
• 2 socks (1 is the majority of the bear, the other you’ll only need a small amount for the bear’s nose)
• scissors
• thread
• marker (or something to draw your shapes for cutting)
• 3 small black buttons, 1 small white button, and any other little embellishments you want to dress up your little friend
• stuffing
• needle, stick pins
• kitty foot on the left hand side of the photo is optional.

On to the fun part!
1. Flip your sock inside out and draw the head and ears at the toe end. The heel becomes his little bum and you draw out the legs on the other side of that. The rest of the sock cuff becomes his arms.


2. Cut out the head shape and then trim a very small portion off the end of the toe. This will become the neck hole where you will stuff.

3. Next cut out your legs and arms. You should have 4 cut out parts. Head, 2 arms, and the body.

4. Keeping your sock inside out, sew around the ears, legs and arms. You can do this by hand or use your machine. Leave the ends open on the arms so you can stuff before attaching to the body. I used a little under a 1/4″ seam.

5. You’re now ready to flip everything right side out and begin stuffing! He’s starting to come together Stuff the head, body, and arms.


6. Hand stitch the head closed and then do the same to the neck of the body

7. Now hand stitch to attach the head to the neck of the body.

8. Cut out a piece from the other sock to create his little muzzle. Cut out an oval shape – I’d say close to the size of his face and then pin it in place.


9. This part was a little tricky, but just take your time, it will start to take shape. Hand sew the edge of the muzzle to the face of your bear. I stitched all across the top, down one side and halfway along the bottom before starting to insert stuffing. Squeeze a bunch into the pocket you created and then continue on stitching to close the rest of it up.

10. Now for the fun part! Attach your 2 little eyes, and nose. I used 2 buttons to create his nose – a black button, with a slightly smaller white button on top. This is my favourite part in creature creating! They really start to come alive when you add the eyes.

11. Last but not least, stitch on his little arms!

12. Add any little embellishments to give him some character. Viola! a new little friend – What will you call him/her ?

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