Easter egg hunt cancelled due to “aggressive parents”

There’s no better time of year to sell the crap out of some eggs. Chicken eggs, plastic eggs, dinosaur eggs — well, maybe not dinosaur eggs. Easter egg dyeing, Easter egg hunting, and egg-themed treats abound during this season. And kids simply delight in finding things like jellybeans, small chocolates, and coins hidden inside brightly colored plastic eggs. If you go the traditional route, the Easter Bunny will be happy to hide your family’s dyed and decorated eggs. (Just be sure to find all of them, or you’ll have a sour smell on your hands before you can say “Good Friday.”)

Originally a pagan symbol of fertility for the spring celebration, the Easter egg also functions as a Christian symbol for spiritual renewal and rebirth. A word to the wise for parents: don’t be like the adults in the video below. A Colorado town was forced to cancel their community Easter celebration because of the egg-ressive hunting tactics that ruined the fun for the children. Take a lesson from the kids, adults, and grow up. It’s all in good fun; no need to trample your neighbors for pastels made of plastic. Happy hunting!!


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