The Thin Blue line #Westandtogether CD released for @UK_COPS #charity

Every force across the UK has banded together to create a song to raise money for the families of police officers who have lost their lives while on duty.

The charity single named ‘The Thin Blue Line’ was written by Northumbria Police Constable Peter Baker’s two sons – aged 11 and 13 – and highlights the work that police do and how officers across the UK work together. PC Baker was able to get a member of every single force represented on the song, which features a choir of numerous officers. All proceeds of the sales of ‘The Thin Blue Line’, will go to the charity Care of Police Survivors (COPS), which helps families of police officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

The release date of the song coincided with the funeral of PC Keith Palmer, who lost his life in the Westminster terror attacks on March 22. Charity single highlights ‘essence and spirit’ of police family

Supt Foskett said:

“As we realised the funeral was approaching, we decided to release it on that day because we thought it would be a fitting trbute to hear officers up and down the country singing about the thin blue line and standing together. We’re hoping that this will help get some more sales and raise some money for families through COPS and the good work they do to help people like Keith’s family.

“It’s been really challenging, I’ve been producing it on a computer with a set of headphones, not in studio conditions, and as you get towards the mastering stage, that’s when you can realy tell.”

PC Baker added:

“My sons are aware of the job I do and had the idea they wanted to write a song to show how police work together to protect the public, not just here in Northumbria but across the country. Once we had the lyrics I decided to contact other forces across the country and was amazed at the response I got, it has been fantastic and I am pleased that we’re now in a position to release the single.

“The charity we chose was COPS which is a charity that helps families of police officers who have died in the line of duty, obviously this is a charity very close the hearts of everyone in the police family not least following the horrific attack in Westminster where PC Palmer sadly lost his life and along with myself, a lot of officers will be standing together with our colleagues across the country to mark our respects.”

You can buy The Thin Blue Line on Amazon – here.

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