Humans still hate and kill each other in the name of their religion

People die everyday, death is awful because we are deprived of a whole other person and that’s a big loss, the complete essence of them, their joys, sadness, hopes, dreams, cuddles, smiles, laughter, tears, pains, everything that made them who they were in our lives, wiped out, gone, we are left with but a vague outline of the person we once embraced. So I get very gutted when this senseless slaughter of the innocents occurs, so many people have been left with the vague outline of someone they loved and cherished, so many hopes and dreams smashed,
We need to oust these terrorists far from the shores of civilisation and back to the hell they were bred in.

All religions have a fanatic or extremist fringe. There can be no doubt that all religions are equally good. However, at any point in time, it is the size of this fanatic fringe that determines the image of a particular religion. It is up to the sane mainstream to keep the fanatic fringe in check.

But what seems to be lacking in so many religions, in so many governments, in so many national consciences, in so many individuals, is the courage and honesty to see how our own behavior affects others. Thus, defenders of one faith or nation decry the behavior of another, using that perceived wrong as an excuse for the wrongs of the defended fait or nation. No single religion and no single nation is to blame for the confrontation between Terrorism and “the rest of the world”. The solution lies in all recognizing and accepting responsibility for their role in the confrontation.

Slowly the world has become war of the worlds … in the name of Religion. What kind of God encourages you to kill another human after he gave you life

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