Cancer is not a game to play on Facebook

– Hi can you put a on your FB wall, without comment, only a heart, then send this message to your women contacts. For breast cancer prevention!   – Putting a message on my wall will not prevent breast cancer.

I became Ambassador for Cancer Research UK last year to help make a difference, putting a heart on my wall will not make a difference. Posting random nonsense on your wall like “Pink” or “Black” to signify the color of the bra you’re wearing may seem funny, but have you actually stopped and thought about why you’re doing it!

If the goal is to promote awareness of breast cancer, please try to actually promote awareness when you post, your heart or bra colour, whether it’s a reminder to get a mammogram, or even a link to your favorite charity to donate. Feeling my boobies going to the dr will help. Reading about it to educate my boobies will help But putting a ❤️ on my wall so everyone can write under it to see how popular they are on Facebook won’t prevent it. Breast Cancer or any Cancer is not a game. 💚💜💙❤️💛

Sometime last year, one of my friends posted a status that simply said “I’m pregnant!” and of course, there were a TON of Likes and comments saying “Congratulations!”. The friend came back and said “Guys, I’m not actually pregnant. It’s something for breast cancer awareness.” This, understandably, caused a lot of her friends to become confused and even angry. Why would you post something like that? First of all, it ticks off your family and friends, especially if they’re the people you would tell first before Facebook. Secondly, it makes light of pregnancy and those who may be struggling to get pregnant may not be very happy with you for a while. All around, this kind of thing is not cool. So please, think before you get involved in this hype. Instead tell everyone which charity you have donated to instead … unless of course your just doing this to see how popular you are on Facebook and not actually wanting to bring awareness to Cancer.

If you do insist on playing some of these games, make sure you post a link to your favorite charity for people to donate! There’s a word that’s recently been popular called “Slacktivism”, and that’s exactly how I see these games. If all you do is post little Facebook games to bring “awareness” to breast cancer, you’re not actually doing anything to help. By giving your friends a direct link to donate, you’re actually making a difference! I bet many of you didnt,t even read to the bottom, thinking I’m standing on my soap box.

I’m not asking you to copy and paste and I will leave a comment underneath, which is another silly game that goes around Facebook. All I’m kindly asking is THINK – You don’t personally know me and my story and the same probably goes for most on your Facebook. If you’re strapped for cash but still want to do something, then volunteer! There are always so many events going on and they always need volunteers.

I have loved ones and close friends who have fought and survived breast cancer and sadly many I have lost to Cancer. To bring awareness I’m always taking part in charity events and raising money not just for Cancer for MS, The British Heart Foundation, the list goes on. I prefer action than tell you what colour my bra is.


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