The National Emergency Services Memorial #Charity

Our Emergency Services are the finest in the world. These are extraordinary, selfless men and women who think only of others and often risk their lives to keep Britain safe

Over 250,000 police, fire fighters, nurses, doctors, all medical staff, search and rescue and bomb disposal workers, work day and night to keep the United Kingdom and its people safe. The emergency services are more than life savers. They are there to provide support and assist those with nowhere else to turn.

It has been estimated that up to 10,000 members of the emergency services have lost their lives whilst on duty in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, with nearly half of these deaths occurring since 1792. These are people who have paid the ultimate cost of serving the public.

Thomas E.J. Scholes-Fogg, Founder of the NESM said:

As a serving Special Police Constable, descended from a long line of military and police personnel, I am immensely passionate about the work our services do day in day out; I know all too well the dangers faced by emergency services on every shift.

I am truly delighted that this campaign has received the support of key figures across the political divide, including former Prime and Deputy Prime Ministers, Home Secretaries and the Leaders of the Conservative Party, Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats.

I am confident that together – with the public’s support – we can raise enough money to build a national emergency service memorial, and together we can honour and remember the men and women who have given their lives in the name of public service, and give thanks to those who have been injured on duty, and to all those who serve.”

“The NESM will launch in Summer 2017.”

Baroness Harris of Richmond DL said:

It is now time that a fitting tribute is paid to all those members of our national emergency services who have lost their lives whilst serving their communities. I therefore commend the construction of a National Emergency Services Memorial to stand in their honour for all time and which will commemorate all the brave men and women to whom we owe so much.

Rt Hon The Lord (Michael) Howard of Lympne CH PC QC said:

The debt we owe to our Emergency Services who take great risks to keep us safe is enormous. A permanent national memorial to those who have lost their lives and their colleagues who serve would be fitting recognition of this debt

Rt Hon Nick Clegg said:
I’m pleased to be able to give my support to the building of a national memorial dedicated to all members of the emergency services – past and present. Their work and duty deserves the entire country’s thanks
Since 1792 over 5,000 emergency services personnel and volunteers have paid the ultimate price for their public duties in Britain.
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