URGENT APPEAL: Give the gift of life become a living donor #akidneyforkerigh

If you are diagnosed with failing kidneys before you need dialysis, treatment can sometimes prevent (or certainly delay) their complete failure. But when your kidneys finally stop working effectively, then you will need either dialysis or a transplant. While dialysis is able to get rid of waste products from your body, it does not replace all the functions of your own kidneys. Around 5,000 people in the UK are in need of a kidney transplant and across the UK, more than 250 patients died last year waiting for a kidney transplant, due to a shortage of organs.

Kerigh, who lives with her Wife Julie in Hertfordshire told the Daily Record Newspaper

“I found out my kidneys were failing around 10 years ago and was told I would eventually need a transplant but probably not until I was in my 50s or 60s. It therefore came as a massive shock when they failed last year and I found myself on dialysis. It was devastating for both of us. I was told I needed a transplant and could be on the waiting list for years.

One day, out of the blue, Julie announced she was going to give me one of her kidneys. Initially, I wasn’t very happy but she would not take no for answer. We argued and she told me if I wouldn’t take her organ, she would put herself forward for the live donor pool and someone else could have it. ”

So on June 21st, 2017 Karigh wife Julie who is Executive editor for Cambridge News, donated her Kidney. But sadly it then had to be removed.  Julie said on Twitter

”Devastating news for . Donor kidney had to be removed to save her life. Heartbroken. Yesterday we were full of hope. Today we’re devastated. Would you consider being a live donor?”

Julie said:

”I saved someone’s life in the hope of giving my wife Kerigh her life back. Sadly, it didn’t happen and I almost lost my soulmate, my best friend and the love of my life. If I had another kidney to give I would do it – again and again and again until it worked. But I can’t. The love, support and prayers we received yesterday was phenomenal and I can’t thank you all enough.”

”Kerigh and I are beyond devastated. I need to be able to give her some hope. We need to find a kidney for her. Please give it some thought. She desperately wants her life back and I can’t do anything.Thanks to Lisa for your support with this. I want my wife back. ”

No matter who offers to become a kidney donor, all are giving on the basis of improving the health of a person they care about and it is an extraordinarily generous thing to do. The giving of a part of oneself for the benefit of another has to be considered one of the most selfless and wonderful acts of human nature. Society as a whole can only gain from such acts of unmitigated kindness. All donors should be proud of their generosity and unselfishness.

The new human tissue act (1st September 2006), allows donation from people other than those in a close relationship with the recipient. Pooled and paired donation is now more possible, as well as altruistic donation with no particular donor in mind, is now an option for increasing the number of living kidney donors.

Donors have to be over 18, but there is no upper age limit.. There has even been the occasional 80 year old who has donated to a spouse or sibling that is similar in age. The decision to go ahead is dependent on being fit and healthy and having two kidneys which are working well.

To become a living kidney or liver donor contact your local kidney transplant centre

If you cannot find the information your require on these pages, please email: enquiries@nhsbt.nhs.uk

To see if your compatable and save Kerigh you can contact her wife Julie direct – akidneyforkerigh@outlook.com





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