Amanda Blackman is riding to raise money for Care of Police Survivors Charity

Amanda Blackman is riding to raise money for Care of Police Survivors Charity, to support the families of her colleagues who have paid the ultimate sacrifice serving their communities.

Care of Police Survivors (otherwise known as COPS) is a UK registered charity dedicated to helping the families of police officers who have lost their lives whilst on duty. They aim to ensure that survivors have all the help they need to cope with such a tragedy, and that they remain part of the police family as they rebuild their lives.

COPS is independent of the police service and was founded in March 2003 by Jim McNulty and Christine Fulton (MBE). Jim was a retired police officer from Strathclyde Police. Christine is the widow of PC Lewis Fulton who was murdered on duty in Glasgow in 1994.

Christine’s experience of that tragedy gave her a unique understanding of the overwhelming grief and confusion that is encountered by new survivors. COPS makes contact with the survivors of every officer who loses their life on duty, explaining what COPS does and inviting them to make contact when they are ready for such support.

Amanda says:

I am riding 180 miles over two days whilst remembering my colleague PC Richard Gray of West Mercia Constabulary. Ricky died on the 6th May 2007. He was 43 years of age. He was fatally shot attempting to arrest a gunman holding two fellow officers hostage.

I want to ensure Ricky’s bravery is never forgotten whilst also ensuring COPs charity has the funds to carry on with the support they give to the families who are left to cope with the devastation of losing a loved one.

You can make a donation to Amanda fundraising Just Giving page here > Amanda Blakeman Fundraising for Care of Police Survivors

If you would also like to fundraise for COPS Charity or would like to know more about them, you can find contact details on their website here > Care Of Police Survivors (COPS)

Good Luck to Amanda from @CharityUKNews

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