How can Pornogrpahy have a POSITIVE perception on people

Across the web, videos and images featuring 18- and 19-year-olds — or actresses in their twenties trying to look younger — are by every measure the most in demand. “Teen porn” is the most common genre-specific term used in Google searches, and teen-themed videos so Why Do Men Love ‘Barely Legal’ Porn?

Why do we, as a society, harbor such a sick obsession with not just youth, but what we consider youthful women? Why is fucking an 18-year-old a fetish? Why do you want a “barely legal” girl? Society and media have an obsession with simultaneously sexualizing and infantilizing women.

Porn star Janice Griffith says:

It’s funny to see how gullible Men are when consuming media, believing that every porn scenario is real and that guy is really my dad’s best friend I’m having sex with in the garage. Sure the sex is real, but the scenarios and behaviors are exaggerated for entertainment purposes.

A lot of women feel violated, betrayed, let down, and disgusted by this side of my husband.  Even though you can’t read a man’s mind his facial expressions are all you need to know what he is thinking.    You can emphasized your objection was not to the porn, but the fact that he is so focused on teens.

If you want sex to have a POSITIVE perception on people, then show actors making love, not “fucking”.  The porn industry is the PERFECT example of how women are not shown as ‘real’ people, just play toys. Most men get pornography and the real life mixed up.  Whilst their fingers and eager eyes go in search of teenagers, thinking they’re doing no harm – the real world is not like that. The real world will have you behind bars.







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