#bbcpay Scrap TV License Fee Let Advertising Pay Your Wage

The BBC has, for the first time, published salaries of its highest paid stars – with all those earning £150,000 or more included.

The salaries are grouped into categories of £50,000 and are for the financial year 2016-17, where they came directly from the licence fee. Under new government rules, the BBC has been forced to release a report that highlights the presenters and actors who earn over £150,000. After a lot of anticipation for the report, the statistics it revealed attracted widespread criticism for the corporation.

My attitude to BBCPay – they can pay what they like, but prehaps its time they introduced advertising between programmes like the other channels do and scrap the TV License fee, after all we have no choice but to pay it if we want to switch the TV on, despite many watch Sky or the NOW box and probably don,t even watch any BBC shows.

Many are on min pay or even less so its annoying when the £1.8 Million a year BBCPay isn’t enough folk like Gary Lineker avoids paying his tax.

The real talent in this country are inspirational firefighters, teachers & nurses not TV Presenters.

The music station has the highest BBC earner among its presenters in Chris Evans and Steve Wright, who is also in the top 14 highest-paid stars. CHRIS EVANS
Pay bracket: £2,200,000 – £2,249,999

Finally, remember BBC also broadcast charity events – so not only are you paying for your TV License to watch Specific fundraising initiatives such as BBC Children in Need Appeal Night, Red Nose Day and Sport Relief with Comic Relief, the annual St Martin-in-the-Fields Christmas Appeal.

The over paid presenters encourage members of the public to give to charitable causes, to give charities the opportunity to raise money and raise public awareness about their work,  as we the underpaid TV Licence payer is also phoning or texting donations in or fundraising to help – because we care and have a heart of gold.

‘It’s amazing what £3.2 billion of licence fee can uncover.’


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