Crimewatch axed by BBC after 33 years

The programme, which asks viewers for help to track down criminals, is hosted by Jeremy Vine and Tina Daheley.

The BBC said in a statement:

“We are incredibly proud of Crimewatch and the great work it has done over the years. This move will also allow us to create room for new innovative programmes in peak time on BBC One.” Daytime series Crimewatch Roadshow will continue. We believe the successful Crimewatch Roadshow format in daytime is the best fit for the brand going forward and we will increase the number of episodes to make two series a year.”

The Sun, which first broke the story, said ratings had suffered as it was scheduled against Cold Feet and Broadchurch.  Three episodes have aired this year – in February and March – watched by an average of almost three million viewers. That is down from 14 million who watched at its peak.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, former Crimewatch presenter Nick Ross said:

“I’m amazed that it’s gone on for so long. And it’s a tribute to the team they’ve kept it going.

“When it started, it was revolutionary. Up to that point, television and radio basically talked at the audience. There was no internet, very few phone-ins, this was a programme where the audience could talk back and could actually influence the end of the programme.

“This sort of revolutionary thing then had a huge impact on television generally and has kept going for 33 years despite all the changes in technology.”

Ross said falling ratings had had an impact on crime-solving.

“If you get 15 million people watching a programme and you have an appeal, the chance of finding somebody, that one witness who saw something they had no idea was connected with the crime… they can ring in.

“Once your audience starts plummeting, you go back to two million, one million, your chances of finding that person are so remote.’

The Police Federation said it was a “shame” that the programme was ending, and that it had shown “the complex side of policing and solve crime”.

Simon Kempton, the Police Federation’s head of operational policing, said:

“For those wider appeals which needed national coverage it was great and there has been nothing else that has been able to give cases such a wide reach, but if there aren’t the audience figures and people aren’t watching it then you have to move with the times.”





How to protect yourself from cyber bullying and online harassment #BeCyberSmart

Most people set up an account on a social media site like Facebook or Twitter so that they can share what is happening in their lives and interact with friends and family online.

West Mercia Police are working with a number of charities, schools, care professionals, spokespeople and other partners to share information Advice on cyberbullying and online harassment

It is important to take care when choosing security settings when you set up your social media account. These will specify exactly who can see your updates. This is important as you need to be aware of who can see what you are sharing. You are in charge of this and can change who can see your updates at any point. While such sites allow you to stay in touch with loved ones, there is always a risk that you will come across people who will abuse the privilege of having access to your updates. Sadly, the internet makes it easy for people to annoy, insult, pester or spy on others, resulting in an increase of these kinds of behaviours.

The perpetrators are sometimes the same people who would harass someone offline (in ‘real life’), but there are also people who ‘hide’ behind their computer, thinking that it makes them invisible to the people they are harassing. If your a teacher, or even a young adult who enjoys social media you should read A young persons guide to cyberbullying and online harassment  Victims can be of any age, male or female, from any social or ethnic background and live anywhere.

Cyberbullying and online harassment can be extremely distressing. It can  be classed as a criminal offence but there is lots of help available to support you. Tips to stay safe online

If you believe that you are the victim of someone’s online activity that is abusive or malicious, there are a number of places you can go to for help.

  • Gather and document as much evidence as you can.
  • Find out more about how cyber stalkers work by visiting Get Safe Online.
  • Seek help and support from relevant organisations, for example the National Stalking Helpline on 0808 802 0300, or email
  • As with cyber bullying you can report bad behaviour on most social networks including Twitter and Facebook.
  • If you think the trolling is libellous or threatening, you can report it to the police.
  •  Look out for West Mercia Police on Facebook and Twitter
  • BeCyberSmart

New on Facebook: Charitable Giving Button – Fundraising for Charity Made Easy Touch of a Button

Charity fundraisers let people raise money for your charitable organization on Facebook. Your supporters can set up a dedicated page to share their story, tell others about your mission and build support around a fundraising goal.

To make it easier for you and your community to raise money on Facebook, they have built tools to help you collect donations and enable supporters to fundraise for your charity. Which are now launching in more countries.

Fundraisers give people the tools to get the word out through Facebook, Messenger, Live video and email, all in a place that their friends already visit every day. Friends can donate in just a few taps without leaving Facebook, making it easier to collect donations. Each time someone donates, they are prompted to share and invite their friends. Shares and re-shares also contain a donate button making it easy to donate directly from the News Feed.

So, is there a fee for this new Charity Tool?
Facebook said:

We’re committed to building products that make it secure and easy for people to contribute to the causes that they care about directly on Facebook. To do this at scale, we have applied limited fees for our charitable giving products that go towards vetting, security, fraud prevention, operational costs and payment support.

Charitable organisations that have signed up directly for Facebook’s fundraising tools pay a 5% fee.

Learn more about fees. Visit the FAQs

Reach the millions of people connected to charity pages on Facebook. Sign up for Facebook charitable giving tools today. This is an opportunity to be one of the first charities to use charitable giving tools outside of the United States.

More frequently asked questions:

How your charity can receive donations

Who can donate


Heart of Gold Cop Retires From WMPolice

Taken 1986

One of West Midlands Police’s most senior black officers has retired after a law and order career stretching back more than 30 years − and has urged more members of the black community to “make a difference” by choosing police careers.

Keith Fraser − the only black Superintendent currently with the force − has spoken of his immense pride at serving the public since his first day on patrol back in 1985. In a varied career he’s gone from beat patrols in Barking, via New Scotland Yard to the West Midlands where he’s worked in child protection, crime investigation, neighbourhood policing and specialist roles like tactical firearms commander.

He said:

“The service really does need and value difference. Anyone who cares about their communities should look at joining the police… there is no point standing on the outside looking in when you could make a real difference. One of the proudest moments in my life was putting on my uniform for the first time: the look of pride on my family’s faces will never leave me. It made me feel so happy and confirmed I’d make the right decision.

“I’ve lost track of the amount of times people have come up to me in the street to shake my hand or say how ‘it’s good to see a black police officer here’ − some have literally stopped their car to get out and say thanks. People who are not white shouldn’t be such a rarity in policing.”

“I have experienced some challenges based on the colour of my skin and some racist comments − but they have been very rare occasions. There is less racism in the police than some people want to believe. I feel sometimes where we get it wrong it’s as a result of unwitting actions or lack of knowledge. The vast majority of police officers I have come into contact with are really driven with a passion and a desire to help others. Most members of the public will not see most of what officers do to help them behind-the-scenes.”

Since joining West Midlands Police in 2005, Keith has worked in Birmingham, Stourbridge, Walsall and Wolverhampton and been the force’s lead for children and young people and a victims’ champion. He’s also helped create a group aimed at preventing young people getting sucked into crime and gang activity and received several bravery commendations, including one for tackling a knifeman while he was off duty at a post office paying his car tax.

“It’s a hugely rewarding job,” added Keith.

“As a child I always had a strong desire to help others − it sounds a bit clichéd but I think it was driven by watching my mom and dad who worked hard, gave a lot to others and expected nothing in return.

“I first applied to become a police officer when I was 13-years-old. Thankfully someone from the Home Office replied with a fantastic letter of encouragement and advice for the future. The person who took the time to reply helped to keep my desire to be a cop alive.”

Keith has a big Heart of Gold – is a Trustee at Sports Birmingham – Sport Birmingham is governed by a number of Board members who bring with them a wealth of skills and knowledge. The Board’s key aims are to work with partners to increase participation in sport, physical education and active recreation, and to build clear pathways for people with sporting talent to enable them to reach their potential.

Keith is very passionate about helping young people and was delighted to be asked to Chair a charity that shares the same commitment to raising the aspirations of young people throughout the West Midlands and beyond. Is now Trustee of Employability UK – which is designed to meet the needs and expectations of students, teachers, governors, parents/carers and OFSTED. They are flexible and targeted and can be shaped to individual school needs.

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Monster don’t just live behind your door

Whether you’re concerned about yourself or a loved one, these helplines can offer expert advice.

Help secure the Severn Valley Railway’s unique heritage for future generations

Help secure the Severn Valley Railway’s unique heritage for future generations.

Bridgenorth Comment:

We launched our Share Offer last November to help fund transformative works at Bridgnorth Station. Proceeds will support ambitious plans to deliver much-improved visitor facilities whilst at the same time conserving and enhancing the line’s main destination station.

Can you help us raise £2.5 million? We have now sold over £1.7 million shares leaving £800,000 shares still available to purchase at a price of £1 each.

The Share Offer closes on 31 October 2017, so time is running out.
For more information please visit
Or call us on 01562 757900

Heart of Gold Heart-throb Nick Knowles to Release His First Album

Nicholas Simon Augustine known as “Nick” Knowles, has a list of talents apart from being a TV Presenter he is Film Writer of ‘Golden Years’ on Netflix, Owner of Retreat Kitchen, co-owner of a Bistro in Shewsbury O’Joy, is a heart-throb to millions of British housewives – is to release his first album ‘Every Kind of People’ due to be released November 3rd 2017.

Nick is best known for his presenting roles on the BBC, most notably game shows including Who Dares Wins, Break the Safe, Real Rescues but mainly known for presenting the DIY series DIY SOS since 1999, helping family’s transform their home because of health conditions – with help from local company s with big Hearts of gold, willing to give up their time and donate materials needed to make family’s lives easier.

Nicks first album features amazing covering tracks like – You’re The First, The Last, My Everything by Barry White, Every Kinda People by Robert Palmer, Make You Feel My Love by Adele, What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong to name a few …

Find out how to win a chance to have Nick play an intimate set just for you and your friends … *No purchase necessary. Click here to enter

To Pre order a copy of Nick’s first album Every Kind of People Click here due out November 3rd 2017 at £9.99

To read Nicks Website or Contact him Click here

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