Merane Running #GreatNorthRun in aid of @NatTremor #Charity

The Great North Run is the largest half marathon in the world, taking place annually in North East England each September. Participants run between Newcastle upon Tyne and South Shields. The run was devised by former Olympic 10,000 m bronze medallist and BBC Sport commentator Brendan Foster.  The first Great North Run was staged on 28 June 1981, when 12,000 runners participated.

By 2011, the number of participants had risen to 54,000. For the first year it was advertised as a local fun run; nearly thirty years on it has become one of the biggest running events in the world, and the biggest in the UK. Only the Great Manchester Run and London Marathon come close to attracting similar numbers of athletes each year.

Merane Todd will be taking part in the Great North Run half marathon on behalf of the The National Tremor Foundation (or NTF as they are known)

Essential tremor is considered the most common neurologic movement disorder, that is 20 times more prevalent than Parkinson’s disease. It’s a chronic condition characterized by involuntary, rhythmic tremor of a body part, most typically the hands and arms.

Essential tremor is considered a slowly progressive disorder and, in some people, may eventually involve the head, voice, tongue (with associated dysarthria), legs, and trunk. However, in many people, the disorder may be relatively non-progressive. The tremor may be mild throughout life.

Each year the NTF holds an annual conference, subsidised by the NTF providing members and friends with the opportunity of not only meeting and spending some time together but also asking a panel of experts’ questions that help with improving quality of life.

Merane says:

I was diagnosed with Essential Tremor about six years ago.  I use my love of running to manage my symptoms.  This year I am taking part in my 11th GNR. I say taking part as I have yet to run all the way all the way around the course.

Please join me on my journey as I raise awareness of Essential Tremor through my training and the big event on the 10th September. Thank you for your donation.

Through Virgin Money Giving, you can sponsor Merane and donations will be quickly processed and passed to charities. Virgin Money Giving is a not for profit organisation and will claim gift aid on a charity’s behalf if you are eligible for this. You can donate to Merane Charity Page HERE


Police Officer @rpuAFO Raising awareness for @UK_COPS #charity

A Police Officer on Twitter was challenged to gain 100,000 followers in an aim to raise awareness for UK Cops Charity.

The un named officer told us:

The whole charity challenge came about when someone said, “if you get 1,000” I’ll give £50 to a charity of your choice. Well I got 1,000 and low and behold they paid up, then 3 or 4 said, if you get to 10,000 I’ll pay X,Y and Z. Upon which others jumped on board, that raised £160.

Whilst the numbers were increasing I had a few others, state “If you get 100,000 I’ll give a donation. So, now I’m here trying to get the 100,000. If I get there, I have (so far) a total of £365 pledged plus I’m going to put £50 in to the pot too. It’s not a lot, I’m hoping it’ll increase,

I’m not asking people to put money in, that wouldn’t generate interest, but as people come along and want to put something in then I’m letting them do just that. I’d like to think at the end of this I’ll be somewhere near £1,000, it’ll hopefully help someone out.

Care of Police Survivors (otherwise known as COPS) is a UK registered charity dedicated to helping the families of police officers who have lost their lives whilst on duty. We aim to ensure that survivors have all the help they need to cope with such a tragedy, and that they remain part of the police family as they rebuild their lives.

COPS is independent of the police service and was founded in March 2003 by Jim McNulty and Christine Fulton (MBE). Jim was a retired police officer from Strathclyde Police. Christine is the widow of PC Lewis Fulton who was murdered on duty in Glasgow in 1994.

Christine’s experience of that tragedy gave her a unique understanding of the overwhelming grief and confusion that is encountered by new survivors.

You can make a donation to COPS HERE

‘Have Courage & Be Kind’ #Charity event in aid of The Young Carers Project


#Charity event in aid of @Ballstocancer – November 2017


#RT @DIYSOS Need Your Help In Swansea in aid of @BBCCiN #charity


Longnor Breathing Space Clear Up in aid of @StaffsWildlife #charity


Grenfell charity single: ‘I refuse to forget you’

“I refuse to forget you, I refuse to be silenced, I refuse to neglect you…
That could have been my mum’s house or that could have been me up their”

The track is a spin on the Simon and Garfunkel classic track Bridge Over Troubled Water and features more than 50 stars including grime artist Stormzy, Robbie Williams, Celine Dion and Craig David. Paul McCartney, Brian May and Roger Daltrey are also among the vocallists contributing, with other lines sung by Rita Ora, Pixie Lott, Ella Eyre and Paloma Faith. Pianist Tokio Myers, who recently won Britain’s Got Talent, has recorded part of the single, as have Bastille, James Blunt and One Direction members Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson.

The song is led by choirmaster Gareth Malone, who directs a 300 -strong choir on the single as well as a local community choir, some of whose participants were directly affected by the fire.

It was recorded at west London’s Sarm Studios, half a mile away from the Grenfell Tower site. Simon Cowell has also donated £100,000 to the Grenfell foundation himself.

Rap artist Stomzy has written an introductory verse to the single which features the lines:

“I don’t know where to begin/So I’ll start by saying I refuse to forget you/I refuse to be silenced/I refuse to neglect you”.

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