How to protect yourself from cyber bullying and online harassment #BeCyberSmart

Most people set up an account on a social media site like Facebook or Twitter so that they can share what is happening in their lives and interact with friends and family online.

West Mercia Police are working with a number of charities, schools, care professionals, spokespeople and other partners to share information Advice on cyberbullying and online harassment

It is important to take care when choosing security settings when you set up your social media account. These will specify exactly who can see your updates. This is important as you need to be aware of who can see what you are sharing. You are in charge of this and can change who can see your updates at any point. While such sites allow you to stay in touch with loved ones, there is always a risk that you will come across people who will abuse the privilege of having access to your updates. Sadly, the internet makes it easy for people to annoy, insult, pester or spy on others, resulting in an increase of these kinds of behaviours.

The perpetrators are sometimes the same people who would harass someone offline (in ‘real life’), but there are also people who ‘hide’ behind their computer, thinking that it makes them invisible to the people they are harassing. If your a teacher, or even a young adult who enjoys social media you should read A young persons guide to cyberbullying and online harassment  Victims can be of any age, male or female, from any social or ethnic background and live anywhere.

Cyberbullying and online harassment can be extremely distressing. It can  be classed as a criminal offence but there is lots of help available to support you. Tips to stay safe online

If you believe that you are the victim of someone’s online activity that is abusive or malicious, there are a number of places you can go to for help.

  • Gather and document as much evidence as you can.
  • Find out more about how cyber stalkers work by visiting Get Safe Online.
  • Seek help and support from relevant organisations, for example the National Stalking Helpline on 0808 802 0300, or email
  • As with cyber bullying you can report bad behaviour on most social networks including Twitter and Facebook.
  • If you think the trolling is libellous or threatening, you can report it to the police.
  •  Look out for West Mercia Police on Facebook and Twitter
  • BeCyberSmart


New on Facebook: Charitable Giving Button – Fundraising for Charity Made Easy Touch of a Button

Charity fundraisers let people raise money for your charitable organization on Facebook. Your supporters can set up a dedicated page to share their story, tell others about your mission and build support around a fundraising goal.

To make it easier for you and your community to raise money on Facebook, they have built tools to help you collect donations and enable supporters to fundraise for your charity. Which are now launching in more countries.

Fundraisers give people the tools to get the word out through Facebook, Messenger, Live video and email, all in a place that their friends already visit every day. Friends can donate in just a few taps without leaving Facebook, making it easier to collect donations. Each time someone donates, they are prompted to share and invite their friends. Shares and re-shares also contain a donate button making it easy to donate directly from the News Feed.

So, is there a fee for this new Charity Tool?
Facebook said:

We’re committed to building products that make it secure and easy for people to contribute to the causes that they care about directly on Facebook. To do this at scale, we have applied limited fees for our charitable giving products that go towards vetting, security, fraud prevention, operational costs and payment support.

Charitable organisations that have signed up directly for Facebook’s fundraising tools pay a 5% fee.

Learn more about fees. Visit the FAQs

Reach the millions of people connected to charity pages on Facebook. Sign up for Facebook charitable giving tools today. This is an opportunity to be one of the first charities to use charitable giving tools outside of the United States.

More frequently asked questions:

How your charity can receive donations

Who can donate


Monster don’t just live behind your door

Whether you’re concerned about yourself or a loved one, these helplines can offer expert advice.

Help secure the Severn Valley Railway’s unique heritage for future generations

Help secure the Severn Valley Railway’s unique heritage for future generations.

Bridgenorth Comment:

We launched our Share Offer last November to help fund transformative works at Bridgnorth Station. Proceeds will support ambitious plans to deliver much-improved visitor facilities whilst at the same time conserving and enhancing the line’s main destination station.

Can you help us raise £2.5 million? We have now sold over £1.7 million shares leaving £800,000 shares still available to purchase at a price of £1 each.

The Share Offer closes on 31 October 2017, so time is running out.
For more information please visit
Or call us on 01562 757900

Heart of Gold Heart-throb Nick Knowles to Release His First Album

Nicholas Simon Augustine known as “Nick” Knowles, has a list of talents apart from being a TV Presenter he is Film Writer of ‘Golden Years’ on Netflix, Owner of Retreat Kitchen, co-owner of a Bistro in Shewsbury O’Joy, is a heart-throb to millions of British housewives – is to release his first album ‘Every Kind of People’ due to be released November 3rd 2017.

Nick is best known for his presenting roles on the BBC, most notably game shows including Who Dares Wins, Break the Safe, Real Rescues but mainly known for presenting the DIY series DIY SOS since 1999, helping family’s transform their home because of health conditions – with help from local company s with big Hearts of gold, willing to give up their time and donate materials needed to make family’s lives easier.

Nicks first album features amazing covering tracks like – You’re The First, The Last, My Everything by Barry White, Every Kinda People by Robert Palmer, Make You Feel My Love by Adele, What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong to name a few …

Find out how to win a chance to have Nick play an intimate set just for you and your friends … *No purchase necessary. Click here to enter

To Pre order a copy of Nick’s first album Every Kind of People Click here due out November 3rd 2017 at £9.99

To read Nicks Website or Contact him Click here

I’m exhausted, I’m tired and I’ve had enough.

Little old me, female cop I am,
And I think it’s time I put up my hand.
I’m exhausted, I’m tired and I’ve had enough,
I now do it for the money and not for the love.
The money is rubbish but it gets me by,
I’ve almost give up and I’ll tell you why.

I joined the cops to help, my mum was so proud,
It’s not the job it once was, we’re all under a cloud.
I’m 27 next week – only 4 years in the job,
But after many a day I’ve done nothing but sob.
Last week I was hit, spat at and punched,
There wasn’t one day that I ate my lunch.
I held a man’s hand who’d just lost his wife,
I took a child from his Father who was wielding a knife.
I pulled a girl off a bridge who was mentally ill,
I locked up a worker who had nicked from the till.
I persuaded a battered woman to finally speak,
After seeing her every day, week after week.

The above is my job and I’m proud to do it,
Time for a few truths, which comes in the next bit.
Grade 1, man with knife – not one cop is free,
But I break off as usual, little old me.
I get to the job, a lone female I stand,
Man is angry, wants to fight with a knife in his hand.
The same night I attend a fight all alone,
I arrive to see 10 fighting in the middle of the road.

I could go on – but my point you will see,
Is there’s not much I can do – little old me.
Night after night cops go to jobs on their own,
And yes, they are frightened stood there all alone.
Because no one is coming – you’re the only free one,
New cops aren’t coming, the old ones are gone.

I love my job – but enough is enough,
I’m ready to go and pack up my stuff,
Hang up my belt, my hat and my vest,
No one can say we’re not trying our best.
I’m abused for pennies that barely pay my rent,
I’m sorry for this but I needed to vent.
You might say ‘leave! – no ones making you stay!’
But if we all leave who will keep the baddies at bay?
We don’t want to give up – we still want to be cops!
But bad things will happen if they don’t pull out all stops.

Get us more cops so we’re not always alone,
I know others feel the same – I’m not on my own.
Cops will get hurt if this carries on,
And this fight on terrorism will never be won.
Please help us say single crewing should stop,
Regards, one very exhausted 26 year old cop!

– Anonymous

One Police UK Facebook

Remove negative people from your life

Whether your mother-in-law is a constant complainer, your boss is an angry cynic, or friend is a pessimistic downer, dealing with toxic people can be unavoidable. But the way you respond to toxic people is your choice. If you’re not careful, toxic people can negatively influence the way you think, feel, and behave. They can introduce unnecessary stress into your life and cause chaos that will drag you down.

Whether you’re dealing with a master manipulator or the office gossip, toxic people can stir up strong emotions. If you’re not careful, the stress and frustration can easily turn to rage. When a toxic individual gets the best of you, you may feel like you’re not in control of your emotions. If you fall prey to a toxic person’s manipulation, you may be tempted to blame them for the choices you make. Placing blame for what’s going on in your life, however, is a clear sign that a toxic person has too much power over you. Accept personal responsibility for how you spend your time and whom you spend it with.

Feelings of dread can consume a lot of your time and energy. Whether you’re going to a party with a toxic relative, or you’re attending a meeting with a toxic co-worker, allowing that event to ruin the hours—or perhaps even days—leading up to it is a sign that a toxic person is all-consuming. If you’ve started thinking, “If you can’t beat them, join them,” you may start behaving in a way that isn’t in accordance with your values. Stooping to a toxic person’s level often comes as a last resort, but it isn’t an effective coping strategy. Ultimately, it will only create more chaos in your life.

A toxic individual’s manipulative and aggressive tactics can make it difficult to set healthy boundaries. You may be taken off-guard by a co-worker’s audacity or left speechless by your friend’s harsh words. But without healthy boundaries, it’s impossible to protect yourself emotionally from their grasp. Pouring yourself a drink or indulging in some extra helpings of comfort food may make you feel better in the moment. But over the long term, those unhealthy coping strategies can cause more problems. If you’re resorting to quick fixes to help deal with the stress, a toxic individual may have power over your life for years to come.

People who suck the life out of you with negative attitudes, constant complaining, gossip, selfishness, or extreme dependency are damaging you in a way that can cause depression and anxiety.

You wouldn’t hesitate to cut toxins out of your diet, nor would you think twice before removing toxic substances from areas where your children play, so why is it that we are so hesitant to remove toxic people from our lives? The most obvious reason is that most of us like to avoid conflict and don’t want to hurt another human being’s feelings. You can only change your own life by choosing who can be a part of it.

Freeing yourself of toxic relationships is not easy – but in the end and for your health it will be worth it. If your being bullied or just need advice, please make appointment and see your Dr

You can also email National Bullying Helpline at admin@nationalbullyinghelpline 1 in 4 people allege they are being bullied at work – don’t be one of them get help now

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